The benefits of Medical Massage Therapy are many. It is a treatment formulated from a diagnosis and prescription from a physicians. Treatments such as myofascial release, concentration on the lower extremities, neuromuscular massage, manual trigger point therapy, sports massage, deep tissue massage and Swedish massage are dimensions of medical massage, and physicians may prescribe Medical Massage Therapy for the treatment of fibromyalgia, Manual Lymphatic Drainage and carpal tunnel syndrome. The treatments are typically given in 15-30minute segments and solely focus on the areas of the body related to the diagnosed condition.

The following benefits of Medical Massage Therapy include:

  • Nerve Compression Relief
    Soft tissue, bone or cartilage can result in nerve compression or entrapment. Medical Massage Therapy relieves resulting conditions such as pseudo sciatica, paresthesia, muscle atrophy, pseudo angina, referred pain and more.

  • Myofascial Trigger Points Deactivation
    Medical Massage Therapy deactivates the high areas of neurological activity that refers pain throughout the body, dramatically reducing everyday pain.

  • Improved Circulation
    Medical Massage Therapy enhances the nourishment that cells receive from the blood and lymph, and (enhances) the waste (carried away) from the cells. This improved (transportation) optimizes cell regeneration and overall general health.

  • Ischemia Prevention
    Medical Massage Therapy prevents the hypersensitivity and tissue injury caused by Ischemia by releasing tight and sore muscles throughout the body.

  • Improved Flexibility
    Medical Massage Therapy reduces the risk of joint and disk degeneration by reducing hypertonicity and hypotonicity and restoring normal range of motion.

  • Decreased Pain and Inflammation
    Medical Massage Therapy releases muscles in spasm or tension and releases toxins, improving overall muscle function.

  • Nervous System Relaxation
    Medical Massage Therapy relaxes nerve endings in the skin and muscles to ensure appropriate functioning throughout the entire body.

Benefits of Medical Massage Therapy can also aid in digestion, acute headache treatment, sprains, neck and back pain, improve posture and prevent future chronic pain conditions when trigger points and soft tissue injuries are effectively treated.